Wind Blown Thoughts


Worlds Apart ©2005

Wind Blown Thoughts

Driftwood lies, burned out

And charred

Like a totem with

Large mouth gaping for

Sea blown air.

Frispies flying

To babbling heads.

A sea plane skims

Waves and whirs

Over cliffs

To catch disappearing


Wind blown thoughts.

Wave crashed dreams

Purify themselves.

Slide gently up the beach

Smooth out sadness.

Reshaping the sands

(Of time)

Into yet another

Castle of hope.

by Janet Brugos   Lake Tahoe, CA 1991

Image: Worlds Apart ©2005 Janet Brugos

NaBloPoMo November 2014

About brugosjart

I see the world from many different perspectives. My curiosity has taken me to many countries. I enjoy learning about other cultures. I create art with texture, color and form. Most often I make mixed media artwork. I admire the creativiity of others.
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