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Wind in the Ice Caves

Rain ©2010
Rain ©2010

Wind in the Ice Caves

Wind blows round

 my empty heart

Spreading through

all the ice caves.

Wind chilling

even Passion’s fire.

Wind not stopping.

Wind dispersing

My emotions.

Up, down, around

The stalactites.

Breathing into

Every vein.

Wind chilling (champagne)

in the ice caves

Of lost Love.

Bits chip off.





Thread thin silence.


Snapped. Finished.

E n d e d.

by Janet Brugos,  Paris, France 1993

NaBloPoMo November 2014

2 thoughts on “Wind in the Ice Caves

  1. I could feel that chilly wind.

    1. It is strange some periods in life have a range of temperature but certain days are extreme. Those extremes help us appreciate the opposite.

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