Chilean Glacier (detail) ©2010 by Janet Brugos

Chilean Glacier (detail) ©2010 by Janet Brugos


How’s the weather?

Icy cold

Or spicy Hot?

What’s the matter

With the weather?

No matter, mad hatter.

Who’s the latter?

Is the hatter late?

Because of the

Rain in Spain?

Or the snow in


Or the fog

In London?

Is it the Ice

In Greenland

Or a sandstorm

In the Sahara?


NaBloPoMo November 2014

About brugosjart

I see the world from many different perspectives. My curiosity has taken me to many countries. I enjoy learning about other cultures. I create art with texture, color and form. Most often I make mixed media artwork. I admire the creativiity of others.
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4 Responses to Weather

  1. MeylaM says:

    Weather is generally the most common topic to be discussed in awkward, uncomfortable situations. Being its very common to speak about, I think the discussion builds a significant, the first bridge between people. We find common floors and ceilings while speaking about it and decide whether to continue the relationship between that stranger and us, or not.
    Ironically weather has so much effect, that we are usually not aware of, on our emotions. I believe the subject of “weather” has not been so delicately processed as you have treated it. Thank you for an artistic point of view and sharing it with the world. (And I am inspired as well, if you may consent-I would like to (don’t know when :-)) have a post with a main subject about “Weather.”
    Thank you!

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  2. brugosjart says:

    Go for it. Weather is just a frame or a stage where other things happen. Maybe we should start a weather/whether series some time in the future . . . .


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  4. MeylaM says:

    Hello Dear Janet,
    I wrote about the “Weather” at my blog, inspired by you. I am not such a creative artist as you are, but I wrote what came to my mind about it. I am happy to share. 🙂
    Thank you for the inspiration…

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