Wildfire 2019 Mixed Media Art by Janet Brugos


Life takes a tumble, the wind blows fires out of control, hurricane winds blow around selected spots to make a change, wipes things out or leaves a protected oasis. We never know where we might be when it happens. So all of us need to be ready.

Recently in California, we have had so many wildfires that were out of control.  For days and often weeks firefighters worked to contain and stop these fires.  We all owe them a great debt for putting their life on the line. Often the air was tinged with ash.

It became so hard to breath. We moved into the worst air conditions for all living beings. Vegetation was threatened. So many trees were cremated. It was deeply disturbing for our state, our country, our planet and all wild life and humanity.

Make a list of what is important in your life and pack your emergency bag.

  • local Family
  • out of Town Family
  • local Friends
  • cash
  • insurance Information
  • bank accounts
  • credit cards
  • flashlight & batteries
  • clothing
  • sleeping bag or blanket
  • non perishable food
  • medications
  • water

About brugosjart

I see the world from many different perspectives. My curiosity has taken me to many countries. I enjoy learning about other cultures. I create art with texture, color and form. Most often I make mixed media artwork. I admire the creativity of others. Another joy in my life besides family and friends is the written word.
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