August is Mug Month


August is Mug Month

Current offering of Mugs based on Janet Brugos’ art

All months have their attitude. Let’s see

January is Jubulation for the holidays being over
February is romantic for seeing who cupid will catch
March is all about Madness
April showers for June weddings
May Maybe yes and Maybe no
June designed for brides of all colors in all colors
July whether the 4th or the 14th, it is time for celebration
August – Mug Month to celebrate a new trend, Mug for art
September Spatters into fall
October ushers in the colors
November makes turkeys hide and more become Vegan
December – Made it through another year. Celebrate a variety of religious holidays
Ōmisoka, Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa

Spirits of Recoleta is based on a cemetery siting in Buenos Aires of a statue of a young woman.  I was able to get her story and it evolved into Spirits of Recoleta with plenty of texture.

Chicago Ice Mug
The glacial coolness of the Icy river running thru Chicago chills desire to go outside or maybe increases it.

Significant Split was based on an incurring split of an ice shelf in Antarctica in 2017.  Just after I completed the piece the whole piece broke off and floated off into the ocean.  It is a part of the series Ice Thins and the theme Climate Awareness.


Watch soon for mugs to be listed in my shop on this website.  Probably by Sunday.

For those of you living in the East Bay or Bay Area , I offer curb side pick up.  For those of you living elsewhere, I am checking to see what would be the best shipping rate.

Enjoy Mug Month whether you fill your mug with coffee, cocoa, tea, water or spirits.  While you are sipping remember, we still have many positive things occurring in the world and many people who are standing up and looking out for the less fortunate.



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