I see the world from many different perspectives. My curiosity has taken me to many countries. I enjoy learning about other cultures. I create art with texture, color and form. Most often I make mixed media artwork. I admire the creativity of others. Another joy in my life besides family and friends is the written word.

Each Year a New Calendar

Current Year Calendar 2021 Cover Art:  Ice Cave ©2020 I enjoy starting each new year with a new calendar. I have been creating calendars for the past ten years. You will see several here starting with the current year 2021 which focuses mainly on my themes of climate awareness and urban landscape. When I returned …

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Observations and How We Think About Them

The mixed media piece, Observateur was completed in Colorado the year before I moved back to California. I leave it open to viewers of this art piece how to interpret it. However, this is what I was thinking: The light color and texture represents the arid climate. I have one figure who is observing the …

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Let’s Talk about Birds and Butterflies

Butterflies have fascinated me for many years. I also think of them as an emerging spirit. Seeing the enormous quantity of butterflies near Iguassu Falls had me create several different takes on on the butterflies around Iguassu Falls. Above is piece 38 of 50 pieces that I made so each one stood on its own …

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