Day 9: The Red Sweater Twist

The Red Sweater Twist
The Red Sweater Twist


Why do I feel these fingers pulling at me?

Why are needles pushing at my strands?

Who is doing this to me and why?

I was just lying curled around myself like a slinking snake in a basket filled with slinking strand creatures like myself in blue, green, purple, black, brown, white and yellow.  Yes, we are such a peaceful world even with our many colors.

Please, please stop.  You are hurting me.

I don’t know why I am having so much trouble making this little sweater for the baby Noah who was born at the end of last year. It is as if the yard is fighting me.  I need to be kind to the yarn maybe it was not ready for this birthing process.  Perhaps if I just soothe it by giving it a gentle touch and not so much of a tug.  It could be that this yarn has feelings like a tomato when it sinks screaming into boiling water.

Wait just a moment.  Suddenly the pulling and tugging has stopped. Now l feel fingers laying on my strands and petting me in the direction of my strands.  Oh, this is so comforting. I could almost fall  a s l e e p.

Now that is so much better.  The yard has begun to relax and not resist.  Maybe I was just being too rough.  I will be gentle with the yarn.  Perhaps if I think of this red yarn as baby red yard it can grow without so much pain. There, there, baby red.  Your great-aunt is just making you ready to surround a new human baby. 

Oh, I must have dozed off. I can feel I am being twisted and pulled but so gently.  It is like the gentle stretch I did before starting the special yoga class for strands.  Breathe in and breathe out.  Feel the pain.  The pain is not bad.  It is transforming me into a new shape. I am not curled up around myself.  I am a super long twisted, coiled. . .  I don’t know what I am.   Now l feel fingers laying on my strands and petting me again.  Oh, this is so comforting.

Oh, I feel like I am transferring my quiet happiness to baby red. It is so soothing to be relaxing on this park bench.  Oh I better not fall asleep.  If I fall asleep, they may send for the paramedics and think it is my time to pass.  I am not ready for that.  So I will take up baby red, put him in my lined yard basket along with all the other yarns.  OK, baby red, I am lifting you back so you can join the other yarns while I walk back to  . . . .

“Hey, lady.  Are you all right?  Who are you talking to?  Do you live around here?  Is there someone we could call?  I thought you were talking to someone but there is no one else here.”

“Oh, Officer.  I am just fine.  I was here knitting.  I just got up to leave.   No need for concern.”

No one else here?  How could you say that?  I am baby red and I am right here in the basket with all the other strands.  You be nice to this lady.  She was kind to me.

“Well, I was concerned but I can see that you are with it. Do you want me to walk you home? “

“Thank you, Officer.  I can walk by myself.”  That was a close one, little red.  We almost got caught.


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