Art in Small, Narrow or Seldom Thought of Spaces

As all of us have so many different items we admire, love or just feel comfortable with, we can find a place for many of them in places you may not have considered before. I find the kitchen wall a place for friendly framed art and a decorative hub cab or even a basket.

Equine Woman by Tanna Bellia Mixed Media
Sled Dogs by Kathleen Tumey
Larger Photographs by Janet Brugos, Bottom Row Art by Kathy Mejia & Photograph by J. Alan Constant, B&W photo by Family Ancestors
Baskets can make excellent small space wall art.

Masks from around the World fit well in narrow spaces and over closets.

Masks from around the world fit in narrow spaces and over closet doors.
Blue Heron by Janet Brugos Batik

The Perfect Surrounding and so fun to place.

Acrobat by Tanna Bellia Mixed Media
10 x 10 framed Monoprints by Janet Brugos-- Art that fits easily next to a door.

I would love to see what you might put in a small space.  Send me an email or respond to this post.

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