Lakes that I love

Lake Michigan was the first Lake I met.  As a small child my parents took me sailing on the Lake.  I remember its  frosty cold and choppy water. I liked that Lake but was eager to get away from it. Color it green.

My travels to South America introduced me to Lake Titicaca which sits at an elevation of more than 12,00 feet  in the Andes Mountains. It is  nestled between Peru and Bolivia was considered a sacred place to the Inca.  I found it to have  sparkling ripples.  Color it icy blue.

In Europe I encountered Lake Geneva which is bordered by France and Switzerland.  In Montreux sits the Chateau de Chillon was immortolized by Lord Bryon’s poem, the Prisoner of Chillon.  Color it sky blue.

At sunset one evening I came upon a small glimpse of a glowing orange streak at the edge of the horizon which increased in size and brightness  to become Lake Malawi. One of my all time favorite lakes it is enclosed by the country of the same name, Tanzania and Mozambique.  As I drew closer to the lake its lovely shades of red, orange, gold, white and slithers of black.  Color it orange.

I leave you with my impression of  “Malawi”, a mixed media piece I completed in 2006.


NaBloPoMo November 2014

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  1. My only recollection of a Lake Michigan boating was with the Bertashes who lived across the street on Kimbark. They had a pretty big boat but it was rough weather and I was so glad to get back to the dock in their dingy. Apparently, Mother was supposed to secure the dingy after we got off. The dingy floated away and Bruce, the youngest Bertash, probably 10, said “Why did you let the boat go, Mrs Thomson ?? ” Hours later, the dingy was recovered. We were not invited again.

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