Ode to the Pandemic 2020

Wondering 2018

Good morning, my apps.

Hello digital world.

How are you, my emojis?

Wiggle my fingers.

Waddle my toes.

Breathe deeply in.

And Breathe deeply out.

Don’t touch my nose.

My eyes or my face

Select my mask

Is that the task?

Be that patterned or plain.

Or is that splattered with pain?

And what about gloves,

Reusable or disposable?

Or reusable disposables?

Think kindly and gently about

All those suffering,

All those wondering,

All those on the brink of dispair.

Acknowledge those already there.

What about all those working?

Hours long and days unnumbered.

Store clerks, delivery persons,

Doctors, nurses, cleaners,

Fire, Police, Military,

Those in Transportation, Sanitation

And more.

The rest of us sheltering,

In space, in place.

Worrying, wondering.

How can we assist?

Or, will we be safe?

Now is the time to zoom in.

Or is that zoom out?

By Janet Brugos

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