Portraits in a Variety Concepts

Statute of Liberty ©1996 by Janet Brugos Mixed Media

This mixed media piece, Statute of Liberty was completed in Colorado for gallery art show with Maureen May in Durango, Colorado I had made a number of mixed media pieces that depicted various cities. Statute of Liberty represented New York but was a large portrait of the head of liberty with the crown depicting the diversity of our country and equality with their hands joined. Other symbols include a frog to show how slow the progress is to make a change. Ship masts to represent how some came to populate what is now the United States of America. Some of my early relatives came over as indentured servants in the 1600s. They could work some years, maybe seven to gain their freedom. Not so for my black brothers and sisters. I will certainly address that the situation at a later time as well as the situation of the natives occupying this land before other nations staked their claims.

Untitled Woman ©1994 by Janet Brugos Collage

I started working on this piece while living in France. I was taking a break in the coastal town of Houlgate in Normandy. The Ceramics in a a magazine struck me as interesting material in making a face. My marriage to Dominique was not doing well. So I elected to come on this weekend by myself and work on my art in a lovely setting. It seemed apt to title this piece Untitled Woman. Women are often not given credit for what we do. Also we have no royalty in the USA. It was a part of my solo art show in the Board Room at the Sangre de Cristo Art Center in 1994 in Pueblo, Colorado.

I was fascinated by using different pieces of printed matter to make a complete face. Sands of Time is a combination of face /portrait and time. The Scent of Success was made from paper fragments I collected after visiting a perfume bottle exhibit in France. I guess I just find faces everywhere.

As with much of what I post all of these artworks are in either private or corporate collections.

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