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Butterflies at Iguassu 38

Butterflies at Iguassu 8

I m a g e s

Stately pines casting dappled shadow

On finely grained sand.

Shadows stretching toward the lake

Wind around the trees

As morning hours grow and pass.

Humble hospitality is offered to

A small flock of assembled geese.

Discreetly the creatures withdraw

Their ballet forms.

To the water’s edge—

People trickle in with

Inflated objects and egos.

A dark storm emerges.

Wind blows wildly like

The fire of love’s passion.

Sea gulls form a military salute

Face into the wind.

Backwards running movie

Pulls people and their egos

From the lake’s edge.

Road rewinds their silhouettes.

Entrance becomes exodus.

Watch the lake become a land locked

Ocean filled with waves.

Eye of the storm

Brings momentary peace.

It blows once more.

At last calm is restored.

From the dappled stretching shadows

They lead each other

A solitary man and woman.

by Janet Brugos

Lake Tahoe, CA 1991

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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