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Day 4: Lost and Found, Part 1

Sometimes you feel you have lost something really important in your life but in the end it provided the motivation to change. I remember a time in my life when I had moved to Honolulu to be with a new … Continue reading

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Day 2: The Beulah House Revisited

  My grandmother and her two sisters lived in the small town of Beulah, Colorado. Nora Annie England Challinor Thomson was an intellectual, talented woman who was always positive.  She had a deep sense of caring for all people.  My … Continue reading

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Free Write. Right?

Free write.  Free, right?  Is that really free?  I don’t have to pay for it.  Wow.  Is that the rite of free.  Free what?  Freedom, now that is a good concept.  We all don’t have it but aspire to it. … Continue reading

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India Through My Eyes: Part 6 Sarnath and Introducion to Servas

  Servas is an organization whose main purpose to promote peace in the world. Servas facilitates the meeting of individuals from different cultures by having a host and guest component.  The organization checks into each new member applying to see … Continue reading

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India Through My Eyes 2015 Part 1: Introduction

My inspiration for travel to India was my mother’s trip to India the year following my father’s death.  She ended up traveling alone for nine months to all parts of India.  It was in the 1970s where e-mail was yet on the global scene.  She wrote … Continue reading

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Saturday December 13 Winter Arts Fair at Musically Minded Academy

Lake Merritt by Night (detail) ©2011 by Janet Brugos I am pleased to be a part of the Winter Arts Fair at Musically Minded Academy this Saturday from 10am to 4pm.  Entrance at 5776 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94618.  The event … Continue reading

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On the Flight of an Angel

On the flight of an angel. How high do they fly? Birds fly into the sky. Plates fly in Greek Tavernas. Flight of the Bumble Bee. Is pie in the sky a flight? Butterflies fly over Iguassu Falls.

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Weather How’s the weather? Icy cold Or spicy Hot? What’s the matter With the weather? No matter, mad hatter. Who’s the latter? Is the hatter late? Because of the Rain in Spain? Or the snow in Argentina Or the fog … Continue reading

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Time Have you got the time? No Time at all. What? What time is it? Greenwich Mean Time. My time. Full time Part time. Half Time. Time out. Time’s up. Time’s over. Out of time.

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Navimag Ferry

Navimag Ferry In 2005, I decided to take a trip to South America.  I could avoid a cold Colorado winter. It was more economical to travel than to paying the heating costs for an old house and a lot more … Continue reading

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