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It was an Arranged Marriage

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Dreams are both Goals & Resolutions

Spirits of Recoleta ©2006 by Janet Brugos  (private collection) Dreams Day dreams are goals. Night dreams are conflict resolutions. I have used both To enjoy some magnificent adventures. starting with My trip to Europe with my Girl Scout Troop at … Continue reading

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Ball Two

Anchor ball. Belted ball. Cinch ball. Dunked ball. Elevated ball. Foul ball. Ground ball. High Ball. Eye ball. Jumping ball. Kept ball. Loosing ball. Mushroom ball. No ball. Out ball. Passing ball. Que ball. Ruffled ball. Snow ball. Tennis ball. … Continue reading

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Day 8: Entrances and Exits

ENTRANCES AND EXITS I fly through today to tomorrow. Do entrances /exits Take on special meaning? Way in / way out L’entrée / la sortie Departure / Arrival Depart / Arrivée The first time You enter a building, A room, … Continue reading

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India Through My Eyes 2015 Part 1: Introduction

My inspiration for travel to India was my mother’s trip to India the year following my father’s death.  She ended up traveling alone for nine months to all parts of India.  It was in the 1970s where e-mail was yet on the global scene.  She wrote … Continue reading

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On the Flight of an Angel

On the flight of an angel. How high do they fly? Birds fly into the sky. Plates fly in Greek Tavernas. Flight of the Bumble Bee. Is pie in the sky a flight? Butterflies fly over Iguassu Falls.

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Wind Blown Thoughts

Wind Blown Thoughts Driftwood lies, burned out And charred Like a totem with Large mouth gaping for Sea blown air. Frispies flying To babbling heads. A sea plane skims Waves and whirs Over cliffs To catch disappearing Pelicans. Wind blown … Continue reading

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