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Dreams are both Goals & Resolutions


Spirits of Recoleta ©2006 by Janet Brugos  (private collection)


Day dreams are goals.

Night dreams are conflict resolutions.

I have used both

To enjoy some magnificent adventures.

starting with

My trip to Europe

with my Girl Scout Troop at age sixteen.

I worked to earn the money for it.

Which was a life lesson gift.

My love of travel was a day dream.

So I made it come to pass

by my work in the Travel Industry.

My dream to take a trip around the world

was a day dream that came to pass in 1999.

My dream to become an artist was both day and night dreams.

They came to pass while living in France.

The conflict resolution was to get a separate life.

I got one as an artist

And have continued from that time on.

I thank my French husband for inadvertently

pushing me away and into the visual arts.

That was a true gift.

I first exhibited my work at the

Grand Palais in Paris in the 1990s.

My last fulfilled dream

Was completed in March 2015

By taking a trip to India.

Let there be more and more trips to that

land of enchantment.

My current dream?

To inspire others

To feel enthusiasm for life.

Janet Brugos, July 2016,  Oakland, California



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Ball Two

Ball Two.  Stairway Ball.

Anchor ball.

Belted ball.

Cinch ball.

Dunked ball.

Elevated ball.

Foul ball.

Ground ball.

High Ball.

Eye ball.

Jumping ball.

Kept ball.

Loosing ball.

Mushroom ball.

No ball.

Out ball.

Passing ball.

Que ball.

Ruffled ball.

Snow ball.

Tennis ball.

Upper ball.

Vicious ball.

Winning ball.

X ball.

Yucky ball.

Zee ball.

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Day 8: Entrances and Exits


I fly through today to tomorrow.

Do entrances /exits

Take on special meaning?

Way in / way out

L’entrée / la sortie

Departure / Arrival

Depart / Arrivée

The first time

You enter a building,

A room,

A relationship Or a country You pause.

That moment of entrance

burns your senses.

Eyes find focus.

Ears hear symphonies.

Touch smooths out difference.

That moment of exit

Enables A Dream To Linger And Inspire.


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India Through My Eyes 2015 Part 1: Introduction

Sunrise on the Ganges, Varanasi,  India
Sunrise on the Ganges, Varanasi, India

My inspiration for travel to India was my mother’s trip to India the year following my father’s death.  She ended up traveling alone for nine months to all parts of India.  It was in the 1970s where e-mail was yet on the global scene.  She wrote glowing letters about the people she met, the beauty of ancient temples and of her many adventures.  


The Travel to India seed was planted in me. I have traveled extensively to nearly all the continents and once an entire year’s journey around the world. I deliberately did not include India on that trip, as I felt it to be hold so many special qualities that my trip to India deserved to be an exclusively to India.


I left San Francisco on February 12, joined my niece, Lenore in Newark and together arrived in Delhi, India on the evening oFebruary 13.


I will set out parts of this trip to discuss general impressions, Deciphering the DelhCodetrain travel, Life in genera as seen thru transportation, Antiquities I encountered and the wonderful people I met and grew to know.  

In all the countries where I have traveled, I find the individual people of India to be the kindest.

Food Vendors in Jaipur
Food Vendors in Jaipur
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On the Flight of an Angel

On the flight of an angel.

How high do they fly?

Sunrise on the Ganges with bird in flight
Sunrise on the Ganges with bird in flight

Birds fly into the sky.

Plates fly in Greek Tavernas.

Flight of the Bumble Bee.

Is pie in the sky a flight?

Butterflies fly over

Iguassu Falls.

Butterflies at Iguassu #38 of 50
Butterflies at Iguassu #38 of 50
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Wind Blown Thoughts

Worlds Apart ©2005

Wind Blown Thoughts

Driftwood lies, burned out

And charred

Like a totem with

Large mouth gaping for

Sea blown air.

Frispies flying

To babbling heads.

A sea plane skims

Waves and whirs

Over cliffs

To catch disappearing


Wind blown thoughts.

Wave crashed dreams

Purify themselves.

Slide gently up the beach

Smooth out sadness.

Reshaping the sands

(Of time)

Into yet another

Castle of hope.

by Janet Brugos   Lake Tahoe, CA 1991

Image: Worlds Apart ©2005 Janet Brugos

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