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Sands of Time

What time is it?

Nap time.

Wrap time.

How much time do you have?

Not much time.

Too much time

No time at all.

Does my time count? Continue reading

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Ball One

Was it you who threw out the first ball? I caught the ball and ran with it. Was it a tennis ball, a hand ball, a low ball or A high ball? At the black and white ball? Well, it certainly … Continue reading

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Day 7: Give and Take, Take 1

  “Here, take this.” “No, you take that.” “Are you going to give up?” “Are you going to take up?” “Take up what? “Take up the cause?” “What Cause?” “What matters?” “What matters to you or what matters to me?” … Continue reading

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One Word at a Time

Simple words. Not hard to find. What makes them Come to mind? Mind you head. Foot the bill. Check it over. Over my head. Hand it over. where? Over there. There comes a day. Is that food For thought? Lend me … Continue reading

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Weather How’s the weather? Icy cold Or spicy Hot? What’s the matter With the weather? No matter, mad hatter. Who’s the latter? Is the hatter late? Because of the Rain in Spain? Or the snow in Argentina Or the fog … Continue reading

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Flight variations

  Flight Variations On the flight of an angel. How high do they fly? Birds fly into the sky. Plates fly in Greek Tavernas. Flight of the Bumble Bee. Is pie in the sky a flight? Butterflies fly over Iguassu … Continue reading

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Sumi Bird ©2013 by Janet Brugos Dreams Day dreams are goals. Night dreams are conflict resolutions. I have used both To enjoy some magnificent adventures. starting with My trip to Europe  with my Girl Scout Troop at age sixteen.  I … Continue reading

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Time Have you got the time? No Time at all. What? What time is it? Greenwich Mean Time. My time. Full time Part time. Half Time. Time out. Time’s up. Time’s over. Out of time.

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Hands Off

  Hands Off Hands up. Hands down. Hand it over. Hand it off, Hand it down. Blood On my hands. It  is O u t O f  m y   h a n d s. by Janet Brugos Oakland, CA   … Continue reading

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Whirling Words

Whirling Words Why are words whirling Around in my head? Whistling, wondering, whining. A good word, a soft word, a sweet word. Word’s out. No word. Harsh word. Where o where have my little words gone? Out of mind, out … Continue reading

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