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Sands of Time

What time is it?

Nap time.

Wrap time.

How much time do you have?

Not much time.

Too much time

No time at all.

Does my time count? Continue reading

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Time Have you got the time? No Time at all. What? What time is it? Greenwich Mean Time. My time. Full time Part time. Half Time. Time out. Time’s up. Time’s over. Out of time.

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Simplicity 1 of 3: Moments

Moments Moments tick, A metronome. Gypsy runs wild. Caravan Fleeing Thoughts. Calm meditative Spirit Balances body Inner search Depth, value. Wind swept Tresses. Time Abyss. Perpetual moving Eyes chart Faraway plains. Moments dangerously Short Whisk away Love’s moment. by Janet … Continue reading

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