Word Attack

Butterflies at Iguassu 49 ©2009 Butterflies at Iguassu 49 ©2009

Word Attack

Sometimes I have words flying at me

Entering my brain

Trying to make sentences.

Releasing themselves

From mind over full to flow on pages.

Filling them with marks and dots.

Occasionally making a complete thought.

Otherwise making scatters senseless

Of what little matters.

What is it you want to say?

Say what you mean.

Mean what you say.

If you say so.

So what do you say?

Say something.

Words fly out of my fingers.

Fingers reach out for words.

Escaping the page to fly out of my mind.

Words wander freely thru phrases.

Turning the corner at bottom of pages.

Words wear names, cities, states, nations.

Words relieve the mind of thoughts.

Thoughts express ideas.

Ideas suggest concepts,

Plans of action, agendas.

I need to put my words to sleep.

Words keep popping up in my mind

Individual letters.

Let her out. Let her be.

Words be still. Still free to wander.

Wishful words are things we want.

Words weave their way into contracts

Of prenuptial bliss, agreements.

Words analyze, discover pain.

Words recover, reward, explain.

by Janet Brugos  Oakland, CA  2006

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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