Animals Lost, Found and Remembered

Dark Horses ©2013 by Janet Brugos Mixed Media

Animals are such an interesting subjects with their shapes, forms, ways they move. Horses are such a show of power. In Dark horse above when I would see horses at night just galloping the night away, I felt a great envy. But then I was never inside the mind of a horse. I saw many horses over the years that I visited and then lived in Colorado.

Three Crowned Cranes ©2003 by Janet Brugos Batik

Crowned Cranes are so majestic. I first saw them in the wild while on a 10 week tented safari in Africa with my friend Julia from France. We were in a small group of about 9 people plus the driver and guide. It was no luxury safari, we put up our own tents at night and prepared our own food. Our chores were done on a rotating basis. We did not ride in a bus, it was a converted truck which was open the air most of the time. It had adequate compartments for all our gear. In case of rain or excessive wild, we could put a canvas cover over the top. We spent many hours traveling in that vehicle from Nairobi, Kenya thru to Zimbabwe. Everyday was a brought new dimensions to our happiness in being there. It was so exciting to spot those magnificent crowned cranes in the country side roaming free.

Giraffe ©1997 by Janet Brugos Batik

We also saw giraffes gliding across the grass lands. It was so amazing their long strides.

Storm Horses ©2001 by Janet Brugos Mixed Media

Storm Horses was based on an actual happening. I was driving back to my home in Beulah, Colorado in the evening. Darkness was spreading across the landscape. Then I spotted a group of galloping horses with their manes flying in the wind with the mountains in the background. It made an indelible impression on me.

Three Cape Buffalo ©2009 by Janet Brugos

In one of the many lakes we experienced, seeing the cape buffalo was captivating. I noticed they each had their own face, expression and look. They are individuals, too.

Three Cape Buffalo is available. Text me for details.

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