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Titles and Why I Love Them Part 2

Significant Split ©2017 by Janet Brugos Mixed Media

Of late I have been working with the effects of climate change in a series called “Ice Thins.” Some titles are long involved titles like: Arctic Ice Cap Flows to Ocean or Significant Split. While others are simple like Ice Tunnel and Ice Islands. The most complex piece I completed in 2017 was Antarctica which incidentally was the first completed.

Arctic Ice Cap Flows to Ocean ©2017 Janet Brugos Mixed Media
Antarctica ©2017 by Janet Brugos Mixed Media

Here are the more simple pieces titled Ice Tunnel and Ice Islands.

Ice Tunnel ©2017 by Janet Brugos Mixed Media
Ice Islands ©2017 by Janet Brugos Mixed Media

In my mixed media pieces I use a variety of items in addition to water media, I use fabric, lace, handmade paper, torn pieces of paper, pieces of batik, suminagashi and found objects. Suminagashi is the Japanese art of marbling by floating inks on water and then dipping paper or fabric to pick up the colors. It sounds simple but it takes practice to achieve a great piece. Fortunately I save those pieces I am not happy with and use fragments of them in my mixed media art.

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2017 Artist statement

As the planet warms from

Fossil fuels use,

Ice in both the Arctic

And the Antarctic

Begins to melt.

In so doing

Walls of beauty

Float on their way

to the ocean.

Ice thins.

Tunnels the height of

The Eiffel Tower

Emerge beneath the ice.

Ice thins.

The Larsen Ice Shelf on

Antarctica widens, it splits

To over 100 miles.

Ice thins.

Warns humans and animals

Of an uncertain future.

The question is,

Will the warning

Be heeded?