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85 Years 85 Artists review in Chronicle’s 96 Hours March 27


Kenneth Baker, the San Francisco Chronicle main art critic reviewed the exhibit.  Link below


I attended the reception on Wednesday, March 26.  The art was so globally aware and media diversified.  I found all the art to be well executed and each artist had his/her own style.  Conversations with viewers and artists alike were compelling. The additional artists’ who  were were given decades frequently included in their work references to what the artist  had done in the individual year.  For example the decade of the 1990s  image and artist’s statement included reference to Mandela.

Here is a reference to that artist:

Here is another artist’s work I thoroughly enjoyed:




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85 Years 85 Artists link to all the Art and the Artists’ Statements

I just received a link which is well worth the time to view.  Now 85 artists have been increased to 95 artists.  There are additional artists who do the various decades.

The artist who has the decade of the 1990s is immediately before mine which is the  actual year 1990:

Here is the link to all the artists:

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85 Years, 85 Artists

Launched and Released © 2014 by Janet Brugos
Launched and Released © 2014 by Janet Brugos

I created this work as a part of the exhibit “85 Years, 85 Artists” currently open at Menlo College through July 11, 2014. Each artist was assigned a year about which to create an art piece. My year was 1990 and my artwork is titled “Launched and Released.” For details on the exhibit and reception, March 26 in Atherton, CA please follow the link below:


To understand my concepts and view my process and progress along the way, check out:  launched-and-released.