Climate Change, A Compassionate Connection

The Sun Gallery in Hayward is having an exhibit,    “Climate Change, A Compassionate Connection” from April 23 to June 5, 2021.  Seventeen artists will each show several pieces in the delightful Sun Gallery.  The Reception will be held on Saturday, May 1 from 1 to 4pm at the Sun Gallery, 1015 E Street, Hayward, California.  Covid Protocol will be followed. After perusing the spacious gallery of Climate Change art, step outside to the large courtyard for some refreshments and to chat with one or more of the seventeen exhibiting artists.  Each snack will be individually wrapped. If you are unable to make the reception the Gallery is open Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 4pm thru June 5.

Ice Cave ©2020 by Janet Brugos

Ice Cave

I will have four mixed media pieces included in the show, Ice Cave and Ice Stripes from 2020 and Ice Arch and Ice Bridge from 2019.  Ice Cave represents the many caves under large blankets of snow that are very dark within but any light will illuminate the cave’s inner beauty.
Ice Stripes ©2020 by Janet Brugos
Ice Stripes
I see stripes everywhere. Rain running down a window pane, shadows elongating in a courtyard. Streams of water running down high mountains as in Ice Stripes. As the observer may see I use a variety textures to finish my image.  With a painted background, I add lace, fabric, thread and found objects to complete.


Ice Arch ©2019 by Janet Brugos

Ice Arch

An arch is created as much of the snow and packed ice evaporates to create its own architecture.  I love how it takes form and constantly changes. What I capture here may last in reality for days, weeks or it could be only a matter of hours.

Ice Bridge ©2019 by Janet Brugos
Ice Bridge
Nature carves out many openings along the line of an ice bluff to create a bridge frozen but not to last a long length of time.  As sunlight glints on certain sides and reflections of the ocean water paint this  piece of temporary architecture.

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