Cold Colorado Stream

Stream in Colorado

Cold Colorado Stream

My funniest recollection of a stream was while our family was camping in the mountains of Colorado at a fairly high elevation.  We were with another family and having so much fun.

My brother Tommy and I wandered off and crossed the stream.  Eventually decided we needed to get back to the camp.  We had come a long way up the stream and walked back on the opposite side.  There were no easy stepping-stones to cross back but we spotted a long log across the stream.  It was fairly high off the water but then I was about eleven so it may not have been that high.

As we started across, Tommy was first.  One of his legs fell into the stream but he got his balance and continued crawling across the log.  I started laughing and then my right leg was in the water.  I got back on the log and continued laughing.  Then my left leg fell into the stream.  The rest of me followed.  All I could do was laugh as I walked through the water. “It’s as easy as falling off a log.”  That thought kept returning to me as both my brother and are were in near hysteria.

When we got back to the camp, we were completely soaked.  But still we kept laughing.  Mother did not think it was so funny.  She gave us dry clothes to put on.  Once they were on, I still kept laughing until I saw my mother’s face.  She was not happy.

“It’s as easy as falling off a log.”


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