Flora and Form

Thistle dark blue pale yellow 22x23 oc 2013

Thistle dark blue pale yellow 82 © 2013 by Lorrie FinkLorrie Fink Thistle Gold Green 79, 22x23, oc 2013

Thistle, Oakland Gold Green 79 © 2013 by Lorrie Fink

I went to see the exhibit Flora and Form at the Gray Loft Gallery in Oakland on April 11.

Wow!  Was I ever surprised to see such a great show.  I went to see and support an artist friend, Lorrie Fink.  She does these fantastic botanicals that are thickly done in her oil on canvas paintings.  Though I normally don’t like themes of plants and flowers in art work, I admire her work.  Her colors are delicate but her brush strokes are wild and done with deliberate intention. The two Thistle paintings above are from her Wild Things series.

The gallery is non traditional in a former studio on the third floor of a live-work building in an area of Oakland called Jingletown.  I know Jingletown because before I found my current housing, I went to see a live-work space there.  I took note of the great creative vibe.

Third floor walk up but easy.  Not many steps to the second floor and then you walk all the way to the back of the building to the stairway leading to the third floor.  When I arrived I knew it was the right place as Lorrie’s large painting which I estimate it to be 40″ x 40″ was hanging just outside the entrance.  It was the best “Welcome to our Gallery” sign.

The gallery was a lot larger than I was expecting.  Two rooms with great wall space.  The first room had four complete walls for our viewing enjoyment.  The work was of exceptional quality.  All the flowers and plants had breathing room.  So many flower paintings are so tightly done  that it makes me feel like holding my breath.  So I was able to breathe freely and observe the art.

I liked Ellen Little’s work which I interpreted as Hollyhocks though they may be some other flower.  I also liked Carrie Lederer’s work, particularly the painted rocks–they reminded me of aboriginal art which focuses on the curved lines and patterns in nature.

My favorite wall was in the second room where  all the exhibiting artists had work.  They were of different shapes and sizes and appeared to be from seeds thrown against the wall, given light from the adjacent window and then sprouted into these exquisite pieces of art.  Now that is my type of garden.

http://www.grayloftgallery.com/  www.lorriefink.com




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  1. hello there Were my suggestions any help? I wish I could visit you. But my knees have to have much more therapy first; cannot stand aroubnd in airports. One of the last cards you sent me is framed now, next to my desk. Love Dorothy I hope you send me your mailing address as I asked some time back, having mislaid old add. book must send something for birthday kiss Dorothy Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 20:49:53 +0000 To: dorsueruss@hotmail.com

    1. Yes, suggestions were helpful and I used a number of them. Thank you. Yes, next month is our birthday month. I seem to recall that we spent one in Paris where a spontaneous Tango danced on the street.

  2. Thank you for writing about the Flora and Form exhibit, and for your beautiful description of my paintings. Jan Watten, Gray Loft Gallery director, curates the show with an amazing eye. Great energy, fabulous artwork. The show continues through May 17, with a second Friday reception on May 9.

    1. I was just so taken with the exhibit, Flora and Form, your work and the setting that I was compelled to do it. I certainly agree with your comment about the curator’s amazing eye.

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  4. What a great review, Janet, those thistles are awesome and it sounds like an amazing gallery, one more reason to miss my back home in the bay area! Btw thistles give us delicious artichokes, let’s warm up the butter and chow down! ♥ ;^)

    1. Hi Aisha: Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for your positive comments.
      I want to get back to reading your story (so well written) and also do some of my own writing but for the moment life has me in its grip. We are having Open Studios at the Altenheim next month. I have a ton of “have to” things to do for that. You can check out if you have time or inclination http://www.priorityartists.com.
      I am promising myself time today to catch up of your Love of My Life story. Fondly, Janet

      1. Hi Janet! Sorry to miss you for so long, we lost dsl here for about a week and it was painful missing my internet connection! I cant wait to check out your link, thanks for providing it, and all my best wishes for you

      2. …And your open house lol I hit enter instead of return, whoops! I wish I could come visit you there in person, that would be awesome! ♥♥♥ ;^)

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