The World is Full Incredible Cities

Chicago Ice ©1996 by Janet Brugos Mixed Media

I started making art in 1991 while I was living in France. I returned to the United States in 1994 and settled in a small town in Eastern Colorado called Beulah. Eventually I decided I needed to do a piece about the city of my birth. Chicago Ice was based on an actual scene. When I was in Chicago for business, I came upon this spectacular scene. The Chicago River was frozen over but was lit up by the city lights and perhaps the moon. I included the Wrigley Building, several high rise buildings and a piece representing the Carson Pirie Scott Company. The building was designed by Louis Sullivan and was in business as large retail department store in downtown Chicago until 2006.

Below Vienna, City of Dreams was made while I was still working with specially selected bits of paper. I love Vienna. It is a city of dreams where music abounds. On my honeymoon I remember being there in the Opera House in the standing room only area in the center of the orchestra section.

Vienna City of Dreams ©1993 by Janet Brugos Collage

Now bringing you back to the US and where I currently live in Oakland. Lake Merritt is the stunning lake by day and even more so by night as it has a magical necklace of lights going all around it. The building is the Court House–not as it actually looks but a depiction.

Lake Merritt by Night ©2011 by Janet Brugos Mixed Media
Bay Bridge ©2006 by Janet Brugos Mixed Media

One more international city, Paris. I city I first met at age 16 when traveling with my Girl Scout Trip. It was then I was hooked and determined that one day I would live there. Then one day I did and had wonderful experiences but that is another story.

Paris by Day ©1994 by Janet Brugos Collage

When I returned to the United States, mentally I was still absorbed in the French Life. I had a show at the Sangre De Christo Art Center in Pueblo in 1994.

The exhibit was entitled Bridges. I did a piece Paris by Day and also Paris by Night. I remember thinking at the time, was Paris a bridge. Now I know Paris was bridge for me.

Paris by Night ©1994

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