2023 East Bay Open Studios at Gallery 2727

East Bay Open Studios at Gallery 2727

Eight artists of our collective, Gallery 2727,  embraced having open studios.  We had an opening for our month long show on April 27.  Open Studios began on the weekend of  May 13 and 14.  Aside from the shadows the image below shows work of Gary Comoglio, Charlene Steen in partial shadow, then in front left to right, work of Quinn Keck, Grant Peng, Janet Brugos and Emily Keyishian.  The only artists whose work was not in this image are Carla Golder and Josh Stein.  See the next images to see their work.

Black Butterfly by Carla Golder.
Art by Josh Stein
  • Art of Gary Comoglio
Swaying in the Moonlight by Charlene Steen


Art of Quinn Keck

Each artist has his/her own way of interpreting the works be that in print, colored pencils, oil, acrylic, mixed media or industrial plastics.

On left work of Janet Brugos On right work of Emily Keyishian
On left work of Gary Comoglio on right, work of Charlene Steen
Art by Emily Keyishian


Janet Brugos artist talk using in progress piece on May 14, 2023. Photo by Carol Wiebe. Mixed Media Art by Janet Brugos: Water Spout, Hurricane and Ice Cave.



Janet Brugos Artist Talk about her process using an in progress art piece.
Janet Brugos shows in progress piece Les Femmes Mondiales – Native American – Wilma Mankiller

Janet stressed the fact that this artwork was in the beginning stages and some of the pieces put on the work were placeholders until the right piece is found or created.  The irons are used to press/attach added pieces to the design so they remain where placed using a minimum amount of adhesive.

All 8 of us are looking forward to this coming weekend of May 20 and 21 to greet those coming to the gallery for the first time or those returning.  We encourage the gallery visitors to talk with the artists, question our processes or how we choose our subject matter.  A purchase is not the only reward we get for exhibiting but it certainly makes us smile.


Come by Gallery 2727 at 2727 California St,  Berkeley, CA.

Hours Saturday/Sunday May 20, 21 11am to 5pm


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