Day 8: Entrances and Exits


I fly through today to tomorrow.

Do entrances /exits

Take on special meaning?

Way in / way out

L’entrée / la sortie

Departure / Arrival

Depart / Arrivée

The first time

You enter a building,

A room,

A relationship Or a country You pause.

That moment of entrance

burns your senses.

Eyes find focus.

Ears hear symphonies.

Touch smooths out difference.

That moment of exit

Enables A Dream To Linger And Inspire.


3 thoughts on “Day 8: Entrances and Exits”

    1. Thanks, Aisha. The image is from Udaipur when I went to an outdoor museum called Shilpgram. There were mud huts (I would call them adobe) where the artists who lived there would paint images. I thought this one fit my Entrances and Exits piece. It was also a place where artists showed and sold a variety of things. I loved it.

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