Free Write. Right?

Clear as Glacier Waters
Clear as Glacier Waters

Free write.  Free, right?  Is that really free?  I don’t have to pay for it.  Wow.  Is that the rite of free.  Free what?  Freedom, now that is a good concept.  We all don’t have it but aspire to it. Write, right, rite.  Is it a rite to write?  If it is whatever comes to mind or do I stop the thought.  I often stop the thought.  Why stop? Interruptions inhibit freedom to write, right?  If I were free, what would I do, where would I go and why would I go there?  I would go to a quiet space anywhere in the world and contemplate the question. In order to be free you need to have a plan, a list or some organization.

Before I had my first car, I would dream of driving off anywhere to see what I could find.  Once I got it, I did just that.  It seems that is what I do with writing also.

So many demons and angels looking over my shoulder asking why are you writing that?  Is it useful?  No, it is not useful but it sure is fun.  See how you can play with words.  All play can be fun but Word Play. . . .  Is that a play on words  or is overhanded or underhanded or a handful of playwrights?  Play with words.  How do they sound?  Do they splutter, squawk, sing, carol, shout, whisper?  Do they come spilling out all at once?  Do you try to catch them?  Or do they come out one word at a time or one letter at a time?  I never liked the slow letter times.  I would much rather try to catch as many words as I could and make them into something.  Mind craft, word craft, witch craft?

Making words from other words can be useful but making words from random letters I like better. In fact I really like random. I once wrote a poem called wind blown thoughts but maybe they were only wind blown words not quite gathered up enough to be thoughts.  I may have to reconsider  my past or my past mistakes.

I find mistakes very useful as you always or usually learn from them.  So my motto is make mistakes but make each one random and different.  Make a mistake that is essentially you.

Mine would definitely be overloading not words, but things to do. To do with words now I like that thought even if it is not a mistake.

Then there is the present where we all are.  The past that we are either escaping or wishing ourselves backwards. But it is only future that we can attempt to plan for or plan a word for.  Do I have control of my future?  Not exactly but whatever happens I can attempt to control how I react to it.  Now what word would that be? React, ignore, relish, run from and embrace with open arms and open mind.

About the open mind is that a real concept?  Sometimes I try to have an open mind but some things are not of my interest like sports.  But I like sports in that it interests so many people and I am so glad those people have somethings to be interested in.  Now did I really say “those people”?  Isn’t that the hallmark of bigotry?    Oh no.  I don’t want to be a bigot.

I would much rather be clear.  Let me clear my mind, clear my thoughts, clear the air and breathe.  In and out.  In and out.

OK.  I am back and clearheaded.  It is so clear it is like glass or an icicle but not a mirror. It is clear like stream water, clear like a bright sky, clear like my  . . . .Well, let’s just say it is Clear.


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  1. I’ve got a lot of time for your style in this piece. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything quite like it before. I enjoyed the fast pace of your stream of consciousness and the way you seemingly stop to focus just a little bit longer on some thoughts!

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