2020 Masks

2020 Masks days of yoreon the radiothat masked manfollowed by the thunder of hoof beats. now, no hoof beatsthumping heart beatshiding behind that paper maskthat medical grade surgical maskor that piece of fashion mask Are we inan annual, biennial or dreaded perennial mask year mask as a disguiseplayful or sinisterintention is preventionhiding dropletsto protect others …

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Ball Two

Anchor ball. Belted ball. Cinch ball. Dunked ball. Elevated ball. Foul ball. Ground ball. High Ball. Eye ball. Jumping ball. Kept ball. Loosing ball. Mushroom ball. No ball. Out ball. Passing ball. Que ball. Ruffled ball. Snow ball. Tennis ball. Upper ball. Vicious ball. Winning ball. X ball. Yucky ball. Zee ball.

Day 2: The Beulah House Revisited

  My grandmother and her two sisters lived in the small town of Beulah, Colorado. Nora Annie England Challinor Thomson was an intellectual, talented woman who was always positive.  She had a deep sense of caring for all people.  My grandmother was dignified, had a keen interest in history, played the piano and loved to …

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