A Tribute to International Women’s Day

Untitled Woman ©1994 Collage

My Tribute to International Women’s Day


I started working on this piece while living in France. I was taking a break from my normal life near Versailles to go to the coastal town of Houlgate in Normandy. I had use of a small apartment that overlooked a pasture full of contented cows.  Women in general have a difficult life.  We have had to struggle to let the world know we are capable, undaunting and ready to solve local,  state and national problems.  Just to get the vote a hundred years ago was considered quite an accomplishment.  Many countries have elected women to leadership roles as prime ministers, presidents and other heads of state.  But not yet in my home country of the USA.  We are getting close with our own Kamala Harris. 

How many pieces make up a woman’s life?  We are often fragmented but the patches blend well especially as most of us are flexible.   So I selected ceramics from a magazine as quality building material for her face. It seemed apt to title this piece Untitled Woman. Women are often not given credit for what we do. I did not finish this piece until I returned to the USA. 

I have just added this piece which is a framed fine art print on canvas to my store.



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