Sun Gallery Climate Change, A Compassionate Connection Part 3

Nesting (Detail) by Peter Langenbach

Sun Gallery Climate Change, A Compassionate Connection   Additional Works   Part 3

The timeless work by Peter Langenbach shows preparation for birth among the species.   So many works in this show highlight the diversity of climate and climate change in the natural world which includes both vegetable, animal and human species.


Viewer studies Nesting by Peter Langenbach –
Viewer studies Yellow Tail by Jon Kerpel

Climate Change causes glass to break, excessive  wind  can cause tree limbs to break.  Later that limb dries out and becomes enticing to possible wildfires.

Shattered by the Wind by Carrie King

This stunning piece by Carrie King is done on shattered glass.  It needs to be seen in person to comprehend its depths. 

Fires Everywhere by Linda Nygard

Climate Change causes droughts.  Especially noticeable in California where the summer of 2020  was both the Pandemic of Covid – 19  and horrific forest fires.  Drought had caused many trees to become tinder for wild fires that flamed everywhere.  It was drastic for the inhabitants of towns where homes and business burned but also for people living a distance away.  The air became toxic to breath.  We had to keep windows closed.  My heart continues to go out to all those whose lives were upended by unforeseen tragedies.

Those of us in the Bay Area remember well the day in 2020 when the sky was orange all day long. 

Viewers taking in Pause by Judy Rodriguez


Pause, an Assemblage by Judy Rodriguez

Judy Rodriguez’s  assemblage made of non recyclable elements gives one pause.  How much plastic is currently in existence and what can we do with it?  It pollutes streams, lakes and oceans.  We must stop being a throw away culture.

Jaguar, Jaguar Burning Bright by Nina Starr – Acrylic
Dolores Collins with Great Egrets & Remnants by Marjorie Lynne Wagner as a backdrop
Viewer checking Ice Bridge by Janet Brugos more closely
Ice Bridge by Janet Brugos Mixed Media

Just 2 more days for the show to be open to the public: June 4 and June 5 from 11am to 4pm.  The Gallery will be closed last weekend of May 28 and 29.

You will find a warm welcome at the Sun Gallery located at 1015 E Street, Hayward.  Masks required indoors. 

I plan to be at the Sun Gallery on June 5 from 2pm on.  I would love to see you there.  JB


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