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It was an Arranged Marriage

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Dreams are both Goals & Resolutions

Spirits of Recoleta ©2006 by Janet Brugos  (private collection) Dreams Day dreams are goals. Night dreams are conflict resolutions. I have used both To enjoy some magnificent adventures. starting with My trip to Europe with my Girl Scout Troop at … Continue reading

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Day 8: Entrances and Exits

ENTRANCES AND EXITS I fly through today to tomorrow. Do entrances /exits Take on special meaning? Way in / way out L’entrée / la sortie Departure / Arrival Depart / Arrivée The first time You enter a building, A room, … Continue reading

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India Through My Eyes: Part 5 Varanasi, City on the Ganges

  The impact that Varanasi made on me was extreme.  I was moved by the spiritually of activities along the Sacred River Ganges.  I had been aware for many years that Varanasi was the site of the dead being set … Continue reading

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On the Flight of an Angel

On the flight of an angel. How high do they fly? Birds fly into the sky. Plates fly in Greek Tavernas. Flight of the Bumble Bee. Is pie in the sky a flight? Butterflies fly over Iguassu Falls.

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Simplicity 3 of 3: Images

I m a g e s Stately pines casting dappled shadow On finely grained sand. Shadows stretching toward the lake Wind around the trees As morning hours grow and pass. Humble hospitality is offered to A small flock of assembled … Continue reading

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Simplicity 1 of 3: Moments

Moments Moments tick, A metronome. Gypsy runs wild. Caravan Fleeing Thoughts. Calm meditative Spirit Balances body Inner search Depth, value. Wind swept Tresses. Time Abyss. Perpetual moving Eyes chart Faraway plains. Moments dangerously Short Whisk away Love’s moment. by Janet … Continue reading

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Rock Nest

Rock Nest is the setting.  You can be comfortable in the most emaciated landscape or uncomfortable in the lap of luxury. I find comfort in my surroundings.  I find comfort in other cultures and other countries.   I find comfort … Continue reading

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Lakes that I love

Lake Michigan was the first Lake I met.  As a small child my parents took me sailing on the Lake.  I remember its  frosty cold and choppy water. I liked that Lake but was eager to get away from it. … Continue reading

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